Each week there are many who, for one reason or another cannot make it to church to hear God's word, or are involved in other ministies themselves. These recordings are for you.

The sermons posted here are in .mp3 format and are listed on this archive page alphabetic order.

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[SND] A hidden redeemer.mp3 [SND] A time for giving.mp3 [SND] Afrim - Blessed by God.mp3 [SND] Afrim - The Peace of God.mp3 [SND] Annunciation 1 - Zacharias.mp3 [SND] Annunciation 2 - Mary.mp3 [SND] Annunciation 3 - Joseph.mp3 [SND] Annunciation 4 - Shepherds.mp3 [SND] Be strong.mp3 [SND] Brian Clark - The secret to evangelism.mp3 [SND] Call to Worship - Celebration time.mp3 [SND] Call to Worship - Price of Worship.mp3 [SND] Call to the City - A final Challenge.mp3 [SND] Call to the City - Commitment.mp3 [SND] Call to the City - Hereditary or inheritance.mp3 [SND] Call to the City - Life of Worship.mp3 [SND] Call to the City - No way back.mp3 [SND] Call to the City - Priorities.mp3 [SND] Call to the City - Relocation.mp3 [SND] Call to the City - Repentance.mp3 [SND] Call to the City - Return to Worship.mp3 [SND] Call to the City - Time of revival.mp3 [SND] Call to the City - Watch Your Language.mp3 [SND] Called to the Wall - Faith in the face of adversity.mp3 [SND] Cynical Unbelief.mp3 [SND] David Chapman - AGBSE AGM.mp3 [SND] Failure and dispair.mp3 [SND] Faith Unto Salvation.mp3 [SND] Galatians Part 1 - Grace.MP3 [SND] Galatians Part 10 - True Friends.MP3 [SND] Galatians Part 20 - The reaper.MP3 [SND] Galatians Part 3 - Truth matters.MP3 [SND] Galatians Part 4 - Hypocrisy.MP3 [SND] Galatians Part 5 - Faith.MP3 [SND] Galatians Part 6 - Foolishness.MP3 [SND] Galatians Part 7 - Are you family.MP3 [SND] Galatians Part 8 - Relevance of the Old Testament.MP3 [SND] Galatians Part 9 - Heir Apparent.MP3 [SND] Genesis 1 - In the begining.mp3 [SND] Genesis 2 - Rivers of Eden.mp3 [SND] Genesis 3 - Describing sin.mp3 [SND] Genesis 4 - Life of worship.mp3 [SND] Growing to Maturity - God's Plan.mp3 [SND] Growing to Maturity - Healing.mp3 [SND] Growing to Maturity - Prayer.mp3 [SND] Growing to Maturity - Service.mp3 [SND] Growing to Maturity - Sincerity.mp3 [SND] Growing to Maturity - Sound Speech.mp3 [SND] Growing to Maturity - Steadfast.mp3 [SND] Growing to Maturity - Submission to God.mp3 [SND] Growing to Maturity - The Good Samaritan.mp3 [SND] Growing to Maturity - Witness.mp3 [SND] Growing to maturity - Suffering.mp3 [SND] Haggai 5 - Coming Messiah.MP3 [SND] Im Special.mp3 [SND] In the beginning God.mp3 [SND] Introducing Paul.mp3 [SND] Jesus - At the well.mp3 [SND] Jesus 1 - A Plan.mp3 [SND] Jesus goes home.mp3 [SND] Judge Yourself 12 - Hannah.mp3 [SND] Judge Yourself 13 - Samuel 1.mp3 [SND] Justin Raby - Do you really love the Word.mp3 [SND] Living with Purpose.mp3 [SND] Malachi - Messenger of God.mp3 [SND] Missions - Andrew Ong.mp3 [SND] Missions - Brian Clark.mp3 [SND] Missions - How to help.mp3 [SND] Missions - Paul Davies.mp3 [SND] Missions - Tarl Reeves.mp3 [SND] Moses - A point of Crisis.mp3 [SND] Nehemiah - 247Worshiper.mp3 [SND] Nehemiah - Called to the Wall.mp3 [SND] Nehemiah - Completing the task.mp3 [SND] Nehemiah - Dealing with Criticism.mp3 [SND] Nehemiah - Decison Time.mp3 [SND] Nehemiah - Facing opposition.mp3 [SND] Nehemiah - Finance.mp3 [SND] Nehemiah - Spirit of compassion.mp3 [SND] Nehemiah - Whose idea is it anyway.mp3 [SND] Obey the Lord.mp3 [SND] Operation Holy Land 1 - The Plan.mp3 [SND] Operation Holy Land 10 - Plastic People.mp3 [SND] Operation Holy Land 2 - First Sermon.mp3 [SND] Operation Holy Land 3 - Power Witnessing.mp3 [SND] Operation Holy Land 4 - Persecution.mp3 [SND] Operation Holy Land 5 - Boldness.mp3 [SND] Operation Holy Land 7 - Visitation.mp3 [SND] Operation Holy Land 8 - The Mission.mp3 [SND] Operation Holy Land 9 - Positions.mp3 [SND] Operation Samaria 2 - Where you lead me.mp3 [SND] Operation Samaria 4 - The power of the gospel.mp3 [SND] Operation World 1 - Preaching the Word.mp3 [SND] Parables 1 - Sand Castles.mp3 [SND] Parables 2 - Debt Advice.mp3 [SND] Paul Davies - A pile of pots.mp3 [SND] Paul Davies - I am with you.mp3 [SND] Paul Davies - News from Albania.MP3 [SND] Paul Davies - Power.mp3 [SND] Pete - Jesus Death.mp3 [SND] Pete - Jesus the teacher.mp3 [SND] Pete - John the baptist.mp3 [SND] Pete - Living for Christ.mp3 [SND] Pete Fuggle - Fathers Day.mp3 [SND] Pete Fuggle - Hearing God's Voice.mp3 [SND] Pete Fuggle - Rebuilding the Temple.mp3 [SND] Pete Fuggle - The Fiery Furnace.mp3 [SND] Speak Lord.mp3 [SND] Steve Baker - The Story of God's Glory - 2 Oct 10.MP3 [SND] Steve Baker - The Story of God's Glory.mp3 [SND] Steve Baker - The mission privilege.mp3 [SND] Steve Baker - The new missionary.mp3 [SND] The Advent of Christ - The King.mp3 [SND] The Advent of Christ - The Servant.mp3 [SND] The Advent of Christ - The Son of God.mp3 [SND] The Vine.mp3 [SND] Waiting for God.mp3 [SND] Walk with God 01 - Faithful in Prayer.mp3 [SND] Walk with God 02 - Fruitful in Prayer.mp3 [SND] Walk with God 03 - Constant in Prayer.mp3 [SND] Walk with God 06 - Worship the creator.mp3 [SND] Walk with God 07 - Reconciliation of Christ.mp3 [SND] Walk with God 08 - Mystery of Christ.mp3 [SND] Walk with God 09 - Complete in Christ.mp3 [SND] Walk with God 10 - Complete in Christ 01.mp3 [SND] Walk with God 11 - Complete in Christ 02.mp3 [SND] Walk with God 12 - Complete in Christ 04.mp3 [SND] Walk with God 13 - Complete in Christ 05.mp3 [SND] Walk with God 14 - Complete in Christ 06.mp3 [SND] Walk with God 15 - Complete in Christ 07.mp3 [SND] Walking for God 01 - The Son of God 01.mp3 [SND] Walking for God 02 - The Word of God 02.mp3 [SND] Walking in God 01 - Personal Life.mp3 [SND] Walking in God 02 - Redeeming the time.mp3 [SND] Walking in God 03 - Relationships.mp3 [SND] Walking on Water.mp3 [SND] Worship - How do we worship.mp3 [SND] Worship - True Worship.mp3 [SND] Worship - Worship as one.mp3 [SND] Worshipper to Missionary.mp3 [SND] premier_interview.mp3