Supporting missions around the World
The Shard

At MRBC we believe the great commission applies directly to us. We aim to fulfil his command to "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations ..." (Mathew 28:19). We do this by direct involvement in local missions, and by supporting others around the World.

Each year, in October, we focus on missions, and members of the church are encouraged to make promises, by faith, to support the work of our missionaries. We also organise trips to visit them on the mission field and help them practically.

The Clarkes

James Clarke went to Albania in 2008 for a year, but God had other plans. He is still there, now married to Lori, and working with a team in Gjirokaster

We have supported them since 2011.

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Connecting with other ministries
the Association of Grace Baptists (South East)

MRBC is a part of the Association of Grace Baptists (South East).

Across the South East of England around 60 churches have chosen to associate together for mutual help and encouragement. Each church is independent but understands the importance of being interdependent. We are united in our doctrinal identity as Grace Baptists, in expressing Christ's command to love one another in fellowship, and in our shared mission of reaching the millions who are lost.

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The Bakers

Steve and Ally Baker came to London as missionaries in 1996.

In 1998 they took on a church of three or four people, Monnow Road Baptist Church, and used it as a base to reach the people of London. For ten years they followed the words of Paul to Timothy, '...teach faithful men who will be able to teach others also.' This formed the basis for the thriving young church we have today.

Having appointed elders and ordained a pastor to the ministry in 2008 they returned to the U.S.A., preparing for the next task in their missionary journey.

We then supported them as leaders of Team Valladolid, on a five year church plant to Spain. They have now returned to the U.S.A.

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The Gomez Family

Tomas and Rosa Gomez were the first Mexican supported Mexican missionaries when they first reached the mission field. Their most recent church is in Spain, near Madrid. They are assisted in their work by their son, Eliseo.

We supported them from 2008, when we also sent a team to assist them in community work and outreach, until 2014. We continue to support them in prayer.

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The Clarks

Brian and Mindy Clark are a family called to establish a light in London that will shine throughout the UK and Western Europe.

We helped them plant a church that is now The Crossroads Baptist Church

The church call themselves "The Crossroads" because nothing describes a church better. A crossroads, is a meeting place. People from different homes, cultures and circumstances converging in one place. No city better illustrates that then our great city of London: the crossroads of the world.

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Christians for transformation is a group of Christian organisations and churches in the Bermondsey area that really want to be helping the strap line "Bermondsey and Rotherhithe are great places to live" to be caught by more and more of the local residents.

The reason we do this is as a response to our desire to follow Jesus in our lives. He made the declaration "My purpose is to give life in all its fullness" John 10v10 (Living Bible). Jesus wants everybody to know fullness of life which includes being valued and having a sense of belonging. This is something that we must be about in the locality in which we live.

Monnow Road Baptist Church have been a part of this vision since the start.

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The KJV Bible

We use the King James Bible here at Monnow Road Baptist Church, and always have. We now host a simple web version of the King James Bible.

Why another online bible? We don't over searching, or cross-references, just the plain text. This is the key reason. When copying and pasting the text for sermon notes and so on, from many sites you end up with formatting and hyper-links you don't want or need. We give you the plain text.

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Worship Presenter

There are many good applications for controlling projectors in churches. some of them are now available for free. Back in 2003 there wern't so many, but of those that were available a missionary friend recomended one. One of our members, a programmer, said, "Hey, I could write something like that in a couple of weeks", and promptly did.

The result was a program called Worship Presenter that we have used ever since. Still available free, version 5 was recently released. it is available for download from

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